Thursday, October 31, 2013

Denise Huxtable

Who is Denise Huxtable you ask? She happens to be my favorite child on the 1980's-1990's TV show, The Cosby Show and in my opinion she's the best and coolest character with the most unique and creative fashion sense and style. She's a free spirit and although she is a flake at times and sometimes scattered brain, the episodes that she's in make it more enjoyable because there is always something to laugh about.

The first season is when she is a junior in High school and has braces. She is 16 and bright eyed and is the oldest at home since her older sister Sondra is away at college. The second season she is a Senior in High school and has a short pixie hair cut and has no braces. She gets her licence and also gets a vintage 1968 Star fire car for a good price. She applies to colleges and of all the ones that she has applied and has gotten into, she chooses Hillman, the school her parents and grandparents went to. In the third season she goes to Hillman and comes home often. Her hair is now longer and curly with bangs. Her style is eclectic as usual. (My mom says the same about my style haha!) She doesn't have a major but is having a good time in college while barely getting C's. During this time she is also another show called A Different World about her life and time at Hillman. In the fourth season she is in her second year at Hillman unsure of what she wants to study and comes home occasionally. In the fifth season she decides to discontinue her college career and doesn't like the competition of college and instead wants to pursue a field in either music as a record producer or a fashion designer. She ends up getting a job and then quits and gets three more right after but quits or get fired from them in the matter of two weeks. After this she decides to go to Africa as a photographer assistant for a year. In season six she comes back home a week early with dread locks, a step daughter and a husband and begins to live back at home. She becomes a full time wife and mother and eventually applies to a school in Rhode Island and decides that she wants to be a special education teacher. In season seven she isn't in the episodes as much and not at all in season eight.

She's the character who has the most interesting situations and style which make her stand out among the rest of the other four Huxtable children.

Thinking about going to Hillman
Talking to older sister Sondra
Talking to mom and younger sister about her Aunt's wedding
Talking to her brother-in-law about his cooking skills
Home from Hillman
Talking to Parents about going to Africa
Talking to parents about being married and being a mother without them knowing until she comes home from Africa

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  1. Colleen :)

    I love the write up and the pictures of the best Huxtable! You are a talented writer! xoxo