Monday, May 26, 2014

A bittersweet goodbye

Saying goodbye is hard to do and in this case, bittersweet. This is how I feel with saying goodbye to my Junior College, Las Positas. Three long yet short years. Wow time just keeps going. I really enjoyed my last semester and I know I will miss it. This spring semester consisted of four classes, Volleyball, U.S. Women's Literature, Art History, and Theater Arts. Many laughs and fooling around in Volleyball and learning the game bette rand being comfortable spiking.Keeping the tradition of Frisbee Fridays after student government meetings. Finally chopping my hair off and donating it to Pantene where wigs are made for women. Going to March in March in Sacramento with Student Government and singing songs on the bus ride there and being the loudest and energetic school there. Driving each day, and appreciating to have a car, no more long bus rides! Listening to the Hollywood song and Eko-m my lady while going to school or work. Getting into Chinese yet missing German and realizing that my heart is for German and Germany and that I want to go abroad, Jah!:) Loving my English class and learning about art history and all the various types of art and artists. Butt not looking forward to my Theater Arts class but going anyway. Subway runs because I know I didn't bring enough food for me to last me till work, I think my favorite is period is Impressionism. Trying to prepare myself for Cal State East Bay and all that lays ahead. Working at Kumon 13 hours a week and getting my older sister the job. Reminiscing about my time at Las Positas and what I have learned, experience and gained and the people and friends I have made. Going to Welcome Day at East Bay and feeling nervous yet excited and happy to become a Pioneer and be part of the school in the Bay!

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  1. Great post Colleen! So much has happened these past 3 years! A lot to be grateful for and a lot to look forward to! xoxo