Friday, January 17, 2014

你好! Nín hǎo!

您好!我是科琳和我学习中国。Nín hǎo! Wǒ shì kē lín hé wǒ xuéxí zhōngguó. Hello! I am Colleen and I am learning Chinese, Mandarin. Haha but what about German you ask! Ich mag Deutsch aber Ich mag Chinesisch mehr. It's more useful even though it is a lot harder. My goal is to study Chinese each day for at least 30 minutes but so far it has been close to two hours since I have more free time now. The time seems to go by so fast. Even though I am an American German girl I am excited to take up the challenge to learn Chinese. Did you know that it's the most common spoken language in America? But I don't feel alone in this endeavor of mine. For me, I don't always need others to do things with me in order to feel passionate about something. However, there is a girl Jessica B. who has a hit channel on Youtube. She is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and uploads videos every so often so watching her videos makes me feel more inspired to pursue this goal of mine. She also studied Mandarin in college, maybe I will minor in it??:) I like and admire the Asian and Chinese culture and feel that it will be easy for me to keep up with the Chinese language.



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  1. Awesome, Colleen!!! You are so talented!! Very inspiring and super cool.
    Keep it up -- who knows where this could take you next!