Monday, December 9, 2013

Closing the door to Fall 2013

I am slowly closing the door on this semester. The good times, the somewhat stressful times, the hardest laughs, the hot weather and the very cold weather, the hard art projects that I would do mediocre on and the long bio labs that would fill Wednesday afternoons where looking at the beautiful trees outside would appear to be more interesting, and the notes that my good friend Nasira would write to me in my international relations notebook while also listening and taking notes on game theory. Taking the bus twice a week, driving twice a week and getting rides were apart of this semester. Missing English classes like it was a person and knowing that it's my true passion. Going out to eat and going to Social Justice club meetings and learning what our main goals are and how hard it is to get members. Being apart of student government for the third semester and taking on bigger roles and seeing new people join and some leave. Becoming more interested in the German language yet still only knowing Wie geht's? JK. Still going strong to growing my hair out for cancer patients and being creative with it as well as my wardrobes. Getting to the bottom of my stomach pains that have been going on for far too long and finding out that there's nothing serious. Working at Kumon for  a year in a half now and getting my brother a job through it yet trying to be optimistic through all of the monotisity (is that a word?) but knowing that it's a good job while in college. Becoming more and more excited for the rest of my college career at another school but knowing that it will be hard to leave my school. I think it will be bittersweet. Realizing who are my close friends and who are the people in my life whom I met over the course of these three years and which ones will stay and which ones will eventually fade.  Time keeps on moving, we just have to embrace it as each day comes to us.

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